First of all, we thank you for providing personal information to do membership login or subscribe login, make us establish information protection system, as HSD of the community's responsibility, will carry out any personal information related to the law Interest protection, we fully understand the importance of personal information and thank you for your willingness to support us.

  • The following is the Chinese personal information protection clause:
    1. HSD Zipper Co., Ltd., is strictly prohibited all personal information leakage.
    2. HSD Zipper Co., Ltd. received personal information, and always use legitimate and impartial means, and some will be through the Internet to disclose information to obtain your personal identity.
    3. If you want to obtain personal information indirectly, we will ensure that this authorization is provided with the consent of the parties.
    4. HSD Zipper Co., Ltd., if the use of personal information with third parties, or to commission business. The personal information to the third party will be entered into the appropriate agreement with the third party to take the laws and regulations, etc. Measures.
    5. HSD Zipper Co., Ltd., if there is no good reason, do not provide personal information provided to the tripartite.
  • Personal Information Management

    HSD Zipper Co., Ltd., in order to protect personal information, as well as laws and regulations of the relevant personal information the protection of regulations, the development of various personal information on the handling requirements, and do the appropriate management, is committed to the protection of individuals. The information is processed as follows.

    Your personal information will be used as follows
    • For product and service related quotes query reply.
    • For product after-sales service or related customer comments, you provide the relevant suggestions.
    • Product and service satisfaction.
    • Provide relevant product information or marketing information delivery.
  • Joint Use of Personal Information among the HSD Companies

    HSD Zipper Co., Ltd., for the sake of perfect service, personal information will be handed over to the parties the most convenient Of the office to communicate and service, the relevant handover may be: the name of the information, the work unit information (public division name, department name, etc.), name, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address. At this Under the circumstances, HSD Zipper Co., Ltd. will bear all the information management responsibility. Government agencies and so on. Legitimate proper procedure is passed, it may disclose these historical requests, please note.

  • Miscellaneous

    HSD websites may from time to time provide chat, forums, bulletin boards, news groups, electronic mail exchange facilities and other such services. We ask you to exercise your own judgment and responsibility when providing personal information when you use these services.

  • Others

    In HSD website, according to its nature, planning content, chat (conversation) , Forum (conference room), the bulletin board, newsgroup, is provided within the service, such as the presence of e-mail capacity. It will be advisable to determine the relevant recommendations and retained, but also thank you for sending the relevant advice, let us together take responsibility for protecting the right information.

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