Development & Design Team

HSD has product development capabilities and professional technology center, we have a lot of professional designers and technical engineers, the team work together to develop innovative products, and allow customers to develop a variety of creative needs, we continue to strive for excellence and patents Innovative development technology, in order to meet the various needs of customers, and provide customers more novel ideas and thinking.

Product Development Dept.

Technology Center

  • Invest 3% of the annual turnover into research and development work.

  • A number of machines and equipment, product development and key technology patents.

  • Total research and development employees are more than 50.

  • Sound patents and R & D incentive system.

Technology Center R&D Flow

Technical Guarantee & Service

3D printing design services

We offer 3D printing services for fast prototyping of samples that helps customers in testing different designs.

  • Concept Sketch

    Fast communication, increased idea interaction.

  • 3D Modeling Rendering

    Simulated entities, quick print molding.

  • Collocation and Try

    Improve simulation degree, provide correction mechanism.

Advanced Dyeing Equipment and High-quality Dyestuff.

We only use Dystar dyes and advanced color matching system in order to meet the high standards of customers like Adidas, Puma and other international brands.

Technical Center related equipment introduction

We offer samples of 3D print services to make it easy for customers to do simple sample testing.

  • Raw chain setting machine

    Reduce tape shrinkage

    Shaping technology for finished zipper, reducing shrinkage and improving flatness.

  • Big bobbin machine

    Increase the winding tape flatness

    Shaping technology for finished zipper, reducing shrinkage and improving flatness.

  • Small bobbin machine

    Rapid production for short run sampling

    This Small bobbin machine was developed for small order amounts, computerized storage around with parameters, horizontal speed around the band.

  • Automatic polishing production line

    Dual-mode temperature control stabilizing the production

    Automate the chemical polishing process of metal zipper, using dual-mode (heating/cooling) control technology to achieve better consistency in production.

  • Automatic polishing production line

    Prevent residual tooth problem

    The use of patented technology and variable positioning knife system enables more accurate operation that prevents completely teeth damaging and related problems.

  • Automatic polishing production line

    High-precision gapping technology combined with no residual tooth

    Using three patented technologies and high-precision automation, we solved the problem of residual broken teeth.

Product Design Process

  • Set up projects

    Patent development
    Customer demands
    Independent development


    Marketing Research
    Sort out Problems
    Internal Discussions


    Research & Analysis

  • Evaluation

    3D Simulation
    Production Assessment
    Sales Coordination


    Mold acceptance
    Testing standards
    Production standards

Enterprise Resource Planning

Our factories in Shenzhen and Cambodia have state of the art production equipment optimizing our efficiency and producing the highest quality zippers.

In addition to our complete line of manufacturing equipment in every factory, we use the most advanced testing equipment and air-conditioning systems. Our unmanned automated technology helps us to achieve the ultimate in professional quality.

  • Metal Zipper Teeth Making Workshop

  • Zipper Tape Ironing Workshop

    Post Segment Processing Workshop

  • Automatic Spray Painting Machine

    Dyeing Facility

  • Surface Roughness Testing Machine

  • Cutting Machine

    roders Precision Engraving Machine

  • Sodick (imported with original from Japan) Discharge Spark Machine

    EROWA 3R Positioning Fixture

Production capacity

Type of Zipper Daily Productivity Sample Lead Time Bulk Lead Time
No.3.4.5 Metal Zipper ,C/E 350,000 / day 3-7 days 5-12 days
No.3.4.5 Metal Zipper ,O/E 350,000 / day 3-7 days 5-12 days
#6. #7 .#8號 金屬勿尾拉鍊 300,000pcs/day 4-8days 5-10days
#6 , #7 ,#8號 金属勿尾拉链 300,000 pcs/day 5-10 day 6-9 day

Patent Development

Patent product development and design flow

Showing R & D strength and product quality


In 2006, the Cooperation of HSD and "Central South University" , set up a laboratory "Dr. HSD Chemical Laboratory " , research for the study of metal zipper surface treatment and material development.

In 2007, HSD established R & D center in Shenzhen and Taiwan, focused product development and craft design, building innovative design boutique.

In 2011, HSD has carried out more than 30 kinds of technical improvements and development, and approved 22 kinds R & D and design patents to broaden the product range.

Our creative technology and innovation has got lots of certification of patent so far. We have more than 4 items for appearance patents, 24 items for utility model patents, and 9 items for patents for invention.

Patent Layout

We have implemented intellectual property protection strategies for various innovative projects such as trademarks, products, functions and so on.
At present, we have applied Patent all over the United States, Europe, China, Cambodia, Germany
and the future of intellectual property to expand to Southeast Asia and the rest of the world.

Trend Development

HSD Trend Report─

Observing and creating future trends.

Our designers and engineers absorb international market trends from various levels of life and present every year at Intertextile Shanghai and other leading international fairs, providing the public an unique industry insight from HSD.

Trend Setting Developments─

Participate in and fulfill customers’ trend needs.

At the same time, our R & D engineers and designers will regularly reference fashion trend information from the market and develop our latest collections. Through ongoing discussions and market analysis, the team will also publish next year’s brand fashion trends at the annual Intertextile Show in Shanghai.