Warehouse keeper

Department / Unit

Asset Management Department


Better for men


  1. Proficient in computer operation, experience in ERP and warehouse management is preferred/ 2. Strong sense of responsibility, down-to-earth work and initiative/ 3. Strong learning ability and ambition/ 4. Team spirit

Job Description

  1. Material receipt, delivery and storage processing, ERP document processing and handover/ 2. Warehouse inventory, labeling, batch and 6S management/ 3. Assist the team leader in handling daily material abnormalities and internal material geophysical exploration/ 4. Other work related to warehouse inventory management


China / please mail to : gany@hsdzipper.com
Salary & Benefits
  1. The salary is negotiable.
  2. Welfare Benefits: Insurance, Providing Accommodation And Meals, Year-End Bonus, Holiday Benefits, Annual Leave With Paid, Marriage Leave, Maternity Leave.
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