Regional Sales Director

Department / Unit

Marketing Center


Bachelor degree or above


  1. Bachelor degree or above, CET 4 or above, can be used as working language/ 2. Master the customer resources of the clothing and related accessories industry/ 3. At least 3 years of working experience in cross regional management of sales teams (more than 10 people)/ 4. There are successful cases of developing new overseas markets/ 5. Have excellent experience in team management and team building, and the ability to cultivate subordinates and management teams/ 6. Have keen market awareness, adaptability, leadership and ability to independently explore the market, and strong learning ability; Strong planning ability, logical ability and good language expression ability/ 7. Strong anti pressure ability and strong communication and public relations ability/ Salary range: annual salary of RMB 2.5-36 million+commission

Job Description


China / please mail to :
Salary & Benefits
  1. The salary is negotiable.
  2. Welfare Benefits: Insurance, Providing Accommodation And Meals, Year-End Bonus, Holiday Benefits, Annual Leave With Paid, Marriage Leave, Maternity Leave.
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