PQE Engineer

Department / Unit

Manufacturing Center


College degree or above, under 35 years old


  1. Mechanical and electronic related majors, familiar with the data and office software, with strong ability to analyze and handle exceptions/ 2. Good communication and coordination ability/ 3. Have PE/IE work planning and management capabilities/ 4. IE related professional achievements, professional experience is preferred/

Job Description

  1. Familiar with process design process and method/ 2. Understand PEMA knowledge/ 3. Be familiar with the verification method of material quota and standard working hours/ 4. Master certain statistical and analytical methods and tools/


China / please mail to : gany@hsdzipper.com
Salary & Benefits
  1. The salary is negotiable.
  2. Welfare Benefits: Insurance, Providing Accommodation And Meals, Year-End Bonus, Holiday Benefits, Annual Leave With Paid, Marriage Leave, Maternity Leave.
Contact Methods