• Q1. What is " Needle Detector" ?
    In the clothing production process is mixed iron metal parts which likely needle or pin. The use of iron objects containing objects through the electromagnetic field changes in the principle of the needle detector, you can easily check the clothing is mixed with stitches, pins and other iron metal, to avoid harm to the human body.
  • Q2. How long does HSD can keep the customer color samp
    For the customer's product color samples, we keep it about 6 months, 6 months later the color samples will still be in accordance with customer demand to continue to do the basis of some color samples need special reservations, please in advance for 6 months The time before the phase to the phase contact service personnel contact.
  • Q3. What is the current dye supplier? How many kinds o
    We use the most high-end dye brand Dystar (Dystar), commonly used colors There are 24 species. At present we have advanced dyeing technology and color system, to provide customers more refined True color requirements. See details Capacity
  • Q4. 为什么注塑拉链长短尺寸会有误差?
  • Q5. 为什么注塑拉链长短尺寸会有误差?
    不一定。 拉链的轻滑度指标,应先满足拉链负荷拉次、强力等很重要指标后才考虑,适度的轻滑度受用户的欢迎,而非轻滑度越轻越好。
  • Q6. 什么是重金属含量超标?
  • Q7. 英寸与公分的换算?
    1英寸 = 2.54公分